It takes teamwork to make a dream work. We believe that
that dream can only happen through multiple efforts
working together in synergy to expedite the process . Think
of us as your marketing/ media team that will take your
Dream from Idea to tangible form. We make things happen!
You only have one chance to make a first impression.
Yasmine Kateb is a child of creative energy and has the
eye of beauty. Whether it is fashion shots to wedding
photos, Yasmine will create a platform of comfort for you to
feel at your best . Yasmine believes that everyone has their
own way of displaying beauty and she strives with each
shot to capture it. By combining her own unique style of
high end fashion and extreme professionalism, Yasmine
Katebs professionalism will take your image to a world of
confident heights.
To every strong household there is a solid foundation. Neil
Jou is the founder of Neil Jou Productions. His uncanny
ability to take your vision, capture it and reproduce it into a
proper representation of what you are trying to portray will
instill you with pride. He will take your business, apply the
most cutting edge visuals to it and lead our graphics team
in the completion of your project. His goal is to make you
look valuable and professional. By looking competitive, we
guarantee your professionalism and results will benefit.
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